Behind The Design

TomitaDesigns is an interdisciplinary art/design/build company in Portland, OR. We provide design, design/build, fabrication, consulting, and project management services in the fields of furniture, interior design, product design, and sculpture ranging from custom one-offs to quantities of 100+. A flexible and innovative company, we strive to be motivated by the creative spirit and look for a diverse mix of interesting and challenging projects.

Our motto is Dream... Design.. Build. Dreaming is just as important to us as designing and building. Big ideas, long term thinking. Were not afraid to take chances, have fun, and explore. The spirit of experimentation and adventure are critical to our creative process here. We strive to be visionaries in our field and work on public art, community building, and collaboration projects as a major source of our energy.


Tomita Designs
3035 SE 17th Ave Suite E.
Portland OR, 97202

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